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Queries, in genealogical publications, have traditionally been similar to classified ads. They are short paragraphs, with specific details about a person or family, usually complete with a specific question or "query" about that person or family. These days, queries are published in magazines, newsletters, journals, newspapers, e-mail mailing lists and on web sites. The queries found here on the TPCGS web site are submitted by members and non-members who have research in this area of the world. The queries submitted are published in the society's quarterly and on this web site. If you are looking for research help besides this type of query, see the following pages for further options:

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Please write to the mailing address or e-mail address given for the individual who posted the query in each section. Please mention that you found the query on this TPCGS web site.

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Any society member may submit queries for publication in The Newsletter and on the society's web site. Non-members who are doing research in the Tacoma-Pierce County area prior to 1930 may send queries which will be published at the discretion of the Queries Editor. You must include your full mailing address, as well as your e-mail address if appropriate. Send queries only by e-mail to:/

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anc-ancestors, ancestry; b-born; bro-brother; ca-circa (about); ch-child, children: dau-daughter; des-descend(ants, -ed, -s); div-divorced; fam-family; fa-father; hus-husband; info-information; m-married; mo-mother; par-parents, parentage; poss-possibly; res-resided; s-son; sib-sibling, sis-sister; wi-wife; wid-widow, y-years.

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2012 Queries

I am very eager to find as many relatives as pos-sible of Howard R. Goold, Superintendent of the Tacoma Public Schools from 1937-1950. He was also a lifelong resi-dent of Tacoma from when he moved there in 1917. Thank you in advance for your assistance and please let me know if you have any other advice.
Contact: Bill Goold, 2976 Oliver Street, Bozeman, Montana 59718

I have a picture that was in the family. I thought it was my Great Grandmother and it started me into genealogy about 60 years ago. On the back of the picture it states: Frances Ann Pinckney Hill-born 1804. died 1856. The picture was taken in Tacoma, Washington. In my research over the years I find that she had a daughter, Louisa Pinckney Hill that married a Seneca Beebe and lived in Tacoma, Washington. They had a daughter Grace Beebe that married George Stone. They had a daughter Louise Hill Stone (I have a pic-ture of her at age 4 1/2) who married Franklin Thomas Hick-cox on May 17, 1913, in Tacoma. My Grandmother was Frances Ann Hill who was a sister of Louisa Pinckney Hill. I thought there might be some descendants in the area that would like to see these pictures. I question whether this is a picture of Frances Ann Pinckney or is it possibly Louisa Pinckney Hill ? Any information about the identity is wel-come. (Photos that came with this query are on back page of the February 2012 newsletter).
Contact: Ralph C. Wilcox, 160 Carlsbad Circle, Vacaville, CA 95687-3410

I am trying to determine my father's first wife. Stories say that he married Barbara Irene Miller early in his life. The story ends there.

I find in the Washington archives a marriage certificate defining a marriage between Arthur S Ward and Irene Miller in Pierce Coun-ty. The certificate does not tell me their ages and where they were born. I am told that the application for this marriage would show more detailed information. I am not able to find the application. These details and other information will, in my opinion, determine if the Pierce County’s Arthur S Ward is my Arthur S Ward (father) born 1895, Brush Prairie, Clark County, Washington.

Arthur later in 1931 married Bertha Gilmore (my mother). Can you help??
Contact: Beverley (Ward-Gilmore) Neitz

My name is Tom Caulkins, and I am doing research on my grandmother, Susan Idaho Hedrick. Her obituary and a newspaper article mention she was married to Mr. Allen prior to his death in 1925 (May). She was in Iowa in 1920 and Mr Allen in Puyallup. Between then and his death in 1925 they were married; however there are no records of this on line in a number of different records.Various other resources (area directories etc) have also been fruitless. Any information would be appreciated. Mr Allen was born 5 Dec 1860 in Ohio, and was married later to Anne Wotzka, Tema(no last name),and then to Mrs Hedrick. He lived in Granger with Tema until she died and then apparently moved to Puyallup. He is listed as living on 7th Ave in Puyallup in the 1920 census. Mrs Hedrick was born in Iowa in 1864 and died in 1944. Thanks for your help
Contact: Tom Caulkins


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