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Ancestor Exchange, 1998 - 1999

A collection of surnames being researched by members of the Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society

The Ancestor Exchange allows society members to submit information regarding the ancestors they are researching. All entries to the Ancestor Exchange are added to the TPCGS Web Site unless otherwise indicated on the form by the submitter. Ancestor Exchange entries can be submitted by themselves or in conjunction with a query.

Index to Ancestor Exchange Entries Online

To Respond to Ancestor Exchange Entries:

Please write to the mailing address or e-mail address given for the individual who posted the entry in each section. Please mention that you found the entry on this TPCGS web site.

To Submit Ancestor Exchange Entries:     (For TPCGS Members Only)

Any society member may submit Ancestor Exchange entries for publication in The Newsletter and on the society's web site. You must include your full mailing address, as well as your e-mail address if appropriate. Send entries by e-mail or postal mail to:

TPCGS Ancestor Exchange & Queries Editor
Frank Weihs
4815 N. 16th St.
Tacoma, Washington 98406-3309

Format used in the Ancestor Exchange entries:

  1. Surname and given name.
  2. Begin Date: The earliest date for which you have information about the person.
  3. End Date: The latest date for which you have information about the person.
  4. Migration: The migration of that family. For instance, if your ancestors started out in Virginia, moved to Kentucky, then on to Missouri, the entry would be VA>KY>MO, USA.
  5. Submitter's TPCGS Membership Number.
  6. * Indicates that there is a corresponding query. Click on the link which will take you to the spot on the Queries page which contains the corresponding entry.

Helpful Hint for Searching This Page:

Use your browser's "Edit, Find" function to search for a specific surname.


Ancestor Exchange entries for the 1998 - 1999 TPCGS Year

Updated Thursday, 20 May 2010, 03:55:16 PM UTC

See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page

Ancestor Exchange - Summer 1999 Volume 30, Issue 4
NameEarliest DateLatest DateMigrationTPCGS Member No
* See query
BARNETT, Charles18521930IN > IA > OR > WAD-012
BEESON, Jehu17771852NC > ALB-122
BURNS, Chris18361910IRE > PA > COB-134
COOLIDGE, Daniel Waternan1839
Peru, VT > Plymouth, VT > Ludlow, VTH-076*
DAVIDSON/DAVISON, Lydia18181897VTH-076*
FISHER, Thornton18231893PA > IN > KSB-122
FLESHER, Fred18301909VA > IL > IA > MOB-134
GRUBB, Charity16881761DE > PA > NCB-122
HALL,James18301897NC > IL > IA > NE > IAB-134
HARTSON, Ida18791928MI > WAD-012*
HONN, Isaac18371925IN > IA > KS > CAB-122
KING, Alvis18261900NC > IN > MO > COB-134
KING, JAMES17961882NC > IN > MOB-134
KIPP, Nickolas18201844NY > MID-012*
LAMB, Bethia17421829NC > OHB-122
McCARTY, Sarah Elizabeth18721927WAR-067
McCRAW, Sherwood18001847NC > INB-134
McKIE, Francis18051888TN > AL > MOB-122
PITTENGER, Maria18111882 NJ > MI > KSB-122
PRICE, Ellen18561900NY > IA > OR > WAD-012
PYBURN, Amon18021823NC > TND-012
RHOADS, Zimri184?1896on the plains > OR > WAD-012
SHERMAN, Henry18471902CT > MO > IA > CO > WAB-134
STUTSMAN, Rinehard18361923IN > WAR-067
THOMAS, Margaret18251901IN > WI > ORD-012
WATKINS, Chris17801843DE > OHB-134
WHITNEY, John1870?MID-012


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Spring 1999 Volume 30, Issue 3
NameEarliest DateLatest DateMigrationTPCGS Member No
* See query
DELORME, Joseph18001880Ontario, Canada > Plattsburg, NY > Burlington, VTB-078
EDWARDS, Joseph S.18331904AR > KY > ORP-066
ELLISON, John R.18201875VA > ORP-066
GILL, Emma18761936MI > ND > WAP-066
HALL, John18301900OH > IN > MO > ORP-066
HAREIDA, Johannes Johanessen1844
JOHNSTON, Peter R.18741936MI > ND > WAP-066
McGREGOR, John17801830Scotland > Nova Scotia, CanadaB-078
OLSD[atte]r, Kristiane1850
POITRAS, John18801900Ontario, CAN > Ft. Moody, MT > Seattle, WAB-078
TRIM, Nancy18251895NY > IN > ORP-066
VALDE, Ditloff1878
VALDE, Dorthea Marie1874
VALDE, Johan Manvil1872
VALLE, Lina Marie Johanessen1880
VALDE , Marit Jorsd[atte]r1825
VALDE, Olaf Seguald1876
VALLE, Johannes Johannesen1844
WOOD, Enos18001875Lancashire, ENG. > Cornwall, Ontarie, CAN > Memphis, TNB-078


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Winter 1998 Volume 30, Issue 2
NameEarliest DateLatest DateMigrationTPCGS Member No
* See query
ARMSTRONG, William W18421904Nova Scotia > Tacoma, WAA33
ARMSTRONG, Mattie Pine1855
MO > Tacoma, WAA33
BRAUTIGAM, Appolonia (Lena)18741951Paretz, GER > Albany, NY, USAG66
DRAKE, John18641903NY > Tacoma, WAA33
DRESSER, George18401876Hull, ENG > Ontario, CAN > Michigan, USAG66
LAUTERBORN, Anton18451881Zell on the Mosel, GER > NY, USAG66
LAUTERBORN, Anna18451933Zell on the Mosel, GER > NY, USAG66
MELOY, Jacob1850
MELOY, Nathan Hoover18251861PA > UT > ORA33
NEWMAN, George18001863ENG > NJ, USAN26
O'DEA, Michael18331900IRELAND > NY, USAG66
OWENS, Lavina Garrett18591926IL > OR > WAA33
OWENS, William Fultonabt. 1837
MO > ORA33
PINE, Mary Ellen18741958MO > Tacoma, WAA33
PINE, Squire18551880St. Clair County, MO (census)A33
RUSSELL, Samuel18221903IRELAND > Ghent, NY, USAG66
WESCOTT, Ada E. Pine1870
MO > Tacoma, WAA33
WESCOTT, Eugene1868
VA > Tacoma, WAA33


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Fall 1998, Volume 30, Issue 1
NameEarliest DateLatest DateMigrationTPCGS Member No
* See query
ADAMS, James Franklin18351911IL > Red Wing, MN, USAN-28
ADAMS, Sarah Anne18621922Pierce Co., WI > Tacoma, WA, USAN-28
BARNHART, John Irvin18891961CO > TX > Tacoma, WA, USAN-28
BARNHART, John Peter18581922OH > Centralia, WA, USAN-28
BENTLEY, Elizabeth18081897NY > Salem, IAN-28
BROWN, Eva18951966Athens, TX > Tacoma, WA, USAN-28
BUEGE, Anna1886?ON, CAN > WA, USAH-99
BUEGE, Carl18611938GER > CAN > WA, USAH-99
BUEGE, Charles1887?ON, CAN > WA, USAH-99
BUEGE, Emma1890?ON, CAN > WA, USAH-99
BUEGE, Walter1900?WA, USAH-99
COVER, Jerusha Elthera1858?Defiance Co., OH > WA?, USAN-28
GILMORE, Rebecca C.?1858OH > MN, USAN-28
HAMPEL, Adelia18651947GER > CAN > WA, USAH-99
NAUBERT, Charles A. E.18571940Quebec, CAN > Tacoma, WA, USAN-28
NAUBERT, Fernandez1834?Quebec, CANN-28
STONER, Rebecca18451925Iowa > Tacoma, WA, USAN-28
WEYDT, Manley W.18571940Pierce Co., WI > Tacoma, WA, USAN-28
WING, Jedediah18081875CAN > Salem, IA > Orange, CA. USAN-28


Ancestor Exchange Submitters Information
TPCGS Member No.NameMailing AddressE-Mail Address
A-33 ANDERSON, Maralyn 29849 24th Place South, Federal Way, Washington 98003 maralyn@worldnet.att.net
B-078 BAXTER, Elizabeth 812 Sumner Ave, Sumner, WA 98390
B-122 BEASON, Gene 31727C 47th Ln SW, Federal Way, WA 98023-2062
B-134 BOWER, Janet 14425 116th AveCt E, Puyallup, WA 98374-3502 Buznjan@worldnet.att.net
D-012 DODD, Diana 12306 217th St E, Graham, WA 98338-8870
P-066 EDWARDS-PETERSEN, Gail 9305 24th Ave E, Tacoma, WA 98445 windepete@worldnet.net
G-66 GABEL, Eleanor Dresser 12711 54th Ave. NW, Gig Harbor, Washington 98332 jgabel@earthlink.net
H-99 HAMPLE, Chris 14247 26th St., Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA T5Y1G7 hampel@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
H-076 HAYDEN, Dorothy M. 1310 S 74th St Tacoma, WA 98408-3018
N-28 NAUBERT, Nancy R. 6716 East Side Dr. N.E. #32, Tacoma, Washington 98422 Nan@atlasfoundry.com
N-26 NEWMAN II, William F. 9009 Newgrove SW, Lakewood, Washington 98498-3485 Billn@lakewoodpres.org
R-073 RIKANSRUD, Sharon 3617 Mahncke Road KP S, Longbranch, WA 98351 jack@ptinet.net
R-067 RYKHUS, Virginia 209 21st Ave SW, #F202, Puyallup, WA 98371-7856


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