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Ancestor Exchange, 1996 - 1997

A collection of surnames being researched by members of the Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society

The Ancestor Exchange allows society members to submit information regarding the ancestors they are researching. All entries to the Ancestor Exchange are added to the TPCGS Web Site unless otherwise indicated on the form by the submitter. Ancestor Exchange entries can be submitted by themselves or in conjunction with a query.

Index to Ancestor Exchange Entries Online

To Respond to Ancestor Exchange Entries:

Please write to the mailing address or e-mail address given for the individual who posted the entry in each section. Please mention that you found the entry on this TPCGS web site.

To Submit Ancestor Exchange Entries:     (For TPCGS Members Only)

Any society member may submit Ancestor Exchange entries for publication in The Newsletter and on the society's web site. You must include your full mailing address, as well as your e-mail address if appropriate. Send entries by e-mail or postal mail to:

TPCGS Ancestor Exchange & Queries Editor
Frank Weihs
4815 N. 16th St.
Tacoma, Washington 98406-3309

Format used in the Ancestor Exchange entries:

  1. Surname and given name.
  2. Begin Date: The earliest date for which you have information about the person.
  3. End Date: The latest date for which you have information about the person.
  4. Migration: The migration of that family. For instance, if your ancestors started out in Virginia, moved to Kentucky, then on to Missouri, the entry would be VA>KY>MO, USA.
  5. Submitter's TPCGS Membership Number.
  6. * Indicates that there is a corresponding query. Click on the link which will take you to the spot on the Queries page which contains the corresponding entry.

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Ancestor Exchange entries for the 1996 - 1997 TPCGS Year

Updated June 3, 1997

See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Summer 1997, Volume 28, Issue 4
NameEarliest DateLatest DateMigrationTPCGS Member No
* See query
BURNS, Catherine18041895OH or PA > Elkhart Co., INH-81
CARBAUGH, Sarah Elizabeth19 Apr 182730 Jan 1895VA > Nappanee, INH-81
COOLEY, Drury18081850NC > VAA-29
COOLEY, Catherine18081880NC > VAA-29
DAVISSON, Nathaniel18351880Greenup, KY > Boyd, KYA-29
DAVISSON, Mary Douglass18351900Greenup, KY > Boyd, KYA-29
ENGEL, Michael19 Jun 1759?Frederick Co., MDH-81
EVANS, Wm. F.18501895VA > KYA-29
EVANS, Thomas E.18471898VA > KYA-29
EVANS, Tabitha Cooley18471907NC > VA > KYA-29
INGLE/ENGLE, Mathias18041870OH or PA > Elkhart Co., INH-81
JOHNSON, Charles WatsonAug 188410 Dec 1943WVJ-38 *
LEWIS, Clark11 Aug 1807(Birth)Dryden, NYH-89
McDORMAN, Maria Catherine1 Mar 183829 Aug 1916Rockingham Co., VAH-81
MALLORY, Bertha Sarah9 Aug 18886 Aug 1947WVJ-38 *
MILLER, America M.14 Jan 1892Mar1973WVJ-38 *
SHULTZ, Estel3 Feb 1881Aug 1969WVJ-38 *
RAISBECK, John18261900No. ENG > PA > ENG > PAA-29
THOMAS, John William181311 Apr 1897Orange Co., VA > Rockingham Co., VAH-81
WRIGHTSON, John18461916No. ENG > PAA-29


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Spring 1997, Volume 28, Issue 3:
NameEarliest DateLatest DateMigrationTPCGS Member No
* See query
ARNOLD, Rev. Samuel16221 Sep. 1693Sandwich, MA > Marshfield, MA, USAB-109
BEACH, Johnc162316 Jun. 1677ENG > Stratford, CT, USAB-109
BIRRELL, James14 Oct. 1844?Wemyss, Fife, SCTB-109 *
BIRRELL, William14 Jan. 186523 Aug. 1931SCT > CAN > IL > WA > CA, USAB-109 *
BUNTEN, William Henry31 Jul. 18298 Oct. 1903ME > CA > WA, USAB-109
CANFIELD, Samuel19 Oct. 164519 Oct. 1690New Haven, CT > Norwalk, CT, USAB-109
CARPENTER, Alexander15601612ENGB-109
CHASE, Samuelc1775-80c1810USA > NB, CANB-109 *
CHIPMAN, Johnc16207 Apr. 1708Dorchester, ENG > Sandwich, MA, USAB-109
CRANE, Abigail1 Jan. 18006 Feb. 1885NJ > OH > MI?, USAB-109 *
CRANE, Eliza Ann18051890NY > MI, USAR-10 *
DEXTER, Benjamin16 Feb. 16701732/34Rochester, Plymouth, MA, USAB-109
EICHHOLZ, William M.??Kyritz, Germany B-109
FAIRFUL/FAIRFULL, James5 June 1846?Wemyss, Fife, SCTB-109 *
FAIRFUL/FAIRFULL, Margaret10 Nov. 186525 Sep. 1933SCT > CAN > IL > WA > CA > Seattle, WAB-109 *
FERRIS, Jeffrey161031 May 1666Leicester, ENG > Greenwich, CT, USAB-109
FOOTE, Nathaniel19 May 1593Nov. 1644ENG > Wethersfield, CT, USAB-109
FOWLER, Matilda18351917IN > OH > IA, USAD-56 *
GANSON, Benjaminc1681?Salem, MA, USAB-109
GRAVES, Johnc162519 Sep. 1677ENG > CT > MA, USAB-109
HALL, Florence14908 Nov. 1571ENGB-109
HARDEN, Jonathan18201900VA > IN > IA > WY, USAD-56
HEATH/HEALD, Sarah1620/2323 Nov. 1711Springfield, MA, USAB-109
HOWLAND, Henryc156417 May 1635ENGB-109
HOYT/HAIGHT/HAIT, Zerrubabel1650/541727/28Norwalk, CT, USAB-109
HURST, Joan13 Mar. 1567/681621ENG > Plymouth, MA, USAB-109 *
JACOBS, Mary6 Feb. 1734?Hingham, Ply., MA, USAB-109
JOHNSON, Minniec1885aft1891NE, USAB-109 *
JOHNSTON, David30 Mar. 1788/891 Nov. 1869VT > NY > CAN > Possibly MI, USAB-109 *
KELLOGG, Nicholas148817 May 1558ENGB-109
KNAPP, Nicholas16 May 159214 Apr. 1670ENG > Stamford, CT, USAB-109
KOLPIN, Frederika?1872Kyritz, GermanyB-109
LAMB, Dorothy8 Jun. 1679?Roxbury, Suff., MAB-109
LEACH, Lawrencec158024 Jun. 1662ENG > Salem, MA, USAB-109
LEONARD, Johnc161524 Feb. 1675Wales > Springfield, MA, USAB-109
LIVINGSTONE, Robert19 Mar. 1730Aft. 1785Boston/Malden, MA > St. David, CANB-109
LOCKWOOD, Eleanorc160316 Jun. 1658ENG > Fairfield, CT, USAB-109
MARSH, JohnApr. 161816 Nov. 1674ENG > Salem, MA, USAB-109
MEYER, Johann18201890Alsace, NY > WI, USAD-56
MOOR, William168015 Jan. 1739/40IRLB-109
MOORE, William1728-3326 Nov. 1761Londonderry, NH > New Boston, NH, USAB-109 *
MORTON, Robertc14801575ENGB-109
MULLINS/MULLEN, William2 Aug. 17997 Jan. 1875NJ > MI? > OH > MI? > PA?, USAB-109 *
OAK, Henry185619 Jan. 1904IL > NE > TX, USAB-109 *
OVIATT, Johnc1568Jul. 1639ENGB-109
OVIATT, ThomasFeb. 161125 May 1691ENG > Milford, CTB-109
PECK, Paulc162023 Dec. 1695ENG > Hartford, CT, USAB-109
PEGGIE, Jean/Jane14 Oct. 1844?Wemyss, Fife, SCTB-109 *
PHILLIPS, Rueben18001879NY > Ontario > IL > IA, USAD-56
REED, Alvin18021889NY > MI, USAR-10 *
ROONEY, Thomas18671896NY > PA, USAR-10 *
ROSE, Samuelc17191782VT > NY > CAN > VT, USAB-109
RUSSELL, Ezekiel18561875ENG > NY, USAR-10 *
SARGENT/SARGEANT, Zebiah17 Jan. 1708?Malden, MA, USAB-109
SEABROOK, Robert25 Sep. 15631650ENG > Stratford, CT, USAB-109
SCHLEISS, Joseph18301900Austria > MI > WI, USAD-56
SKELTON, Rev. Samuel26 Feb. 16922 Aug. 1634ENG > Salem, MA, USAB-109
SMITH, Isaac18241865IN > IA, USAD-56 *
SMITH, Mary9 Oct. 163016 Dec. 1668ENG > CT > MA, USAB-109
SNYDER, Martha1800+?PAB-109 *
TILLEY, John19 Dec. 1571/7310 Apr. 1621ENGPlymouth, MA, USAB-109 *
TOBEY, Mary16 Mar. 1684/85?Sandwich, MAPossibly Rochester, MAB-109
UELMEN, Johann18201930GermanyWI, USAD-56
WAITE, Thomas16011677WalesMARI, USAB-109
WEBB, Richard II9 Jan. 161115 Mar. 1675Dorset, ENGStamford, CT, USAB-109 *
WILLIAMS, Bethiah13 Nov. 1642?Salem, MA, USAB-109
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth13 Jun. 16411711Charlestown, MANorwalk, CT, USAB-109


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Winter 1997, Volume 28, Issue 2 (old format)
NameEventDate of EventPlace of EventTPCGS Member No
* See query
ALLEN, EphraimBorn12 Feb. 1817Shemogue, New BrunswickW-83
ALLEN, GeorgeBornapprox. 1782? New BrunswickW-83 *
ALLEN, EphraimMarriedAug. 11 or Sept. 8, 1839New BrunswickW-83
ALLEN (DOBSON), Anna LouiseDied13 Oct. 1893Rosco, ILW-83
BARCLAY, MaryMarried14 June 1796Shenandoah Co., VAD-12
BARNETT, CharlesMarried15 Oct. 1876Lyon Co., IAD-12
BEASON, HenryBornc. 1806TennesseeB-122
BECHTEL, George JohannMarried26 Dec. 1813Reading, Berks Co., PAM-101
BOLAN, MaxineResided1952San Francisco, CAH-86
BOUCHER, LouisBorn4 Nov. 1828Quebec, CanadaM-101
BRADT, JosephineBornc. 1850New YorkB-122
BRAND, MattieDied1947-1952Colorado Springs, COH-86
CAMPBELL, JohnBorn5 July 1798VA or MDM-101
CAPLE, JacobBornabt. 1814Carroll Co., MDD-56
CAPLE, Samuel HughBorn1845Knox Co., OhioD-56
CONNALLY, ArchibaldBorn24 March 1796VAM-101
CROSS, AlexanderMarried1830Old Machar, Aberdeen, ScotlandD-56
DEX, MatildaMarriedApril 1811Kendal, U.K.R-64
DOUD, GilesDied6 Aug. 1776Crown Point, NYM-101 *
EVERITT, DaisyResided1934Nowata, OKH-86
FISHER, JohnDied15 Dec. 1853Fayette County, PAB-122
FRASER, NancyDied23 Dec. 1840Fayette Co., PAB-122
GAEREY, SarahBornabt. 1820PennsylvaniaD-56
HARN, John H.T.Marriedabt. 1838Fayette Co., PAM-101
HARTSON, Walter E.Married12 Aug. 1874Hillsdale Co., MID-12
HARWELL, Amy ElizabethBornc. 1769VirginiaB-122
HERMAN, HenryBornc. 1835Genesee Co., MIB-122 *
HUSSEY, FlorenceMarriedMarch 1892Bellingham, WAR-64
HUTCHINS, Addie ElizabethBorn28 Oct. 1861Rockford, ILD-21
JAMESON, CoralDied1991Toledo, OHH-86
KIPP, Margaret E.Born12 Oct. 1853New YorkD-12
LEHDE, WilliamMarriedAug. 1897Oakville, ILD-12
LEVIS, PeterDied26 Feb. 1882Martinsburg, Lewis Co., NYM-101
McCUMBER, JamesMarried18 Feb. 1847Fulton Co., ILD-12
McKINNEY, ColinBorn17 April 1766New JerseyR-64
MANNING, AllisMarriedabt. 1847LouisianaR-64
MANNING, Ann "Nancy"Bornabt. 1790Carroll Co., MDD-56
MERCER, MargieDied1962Columbus, KSH-86
MEYER, JohannBorn25 Dec. 1844Alsaice - LorraineD-56
MILLS, WilliamBorn1847Charleston, S.C.R-64
MILLS, WilliamBornabt. 1825Charleston, S.C.R-64
MILLS, WilliamBornabt. 1795Charleston, S.C.R-64
MILLS, WilliamBorn2 March 1750Tayside, Angus, ScotlandR-64
NEEDHAM, FayeResided1970'sYakima, WAH-86
O'HARA, PatrickBornabt. 1769Londonderry, IrelandD-56
PEARCE, HannahBorn18 May 1828TNM-101
PHILLIPS, AlexanderMarried?Crooke Co., WyomingD-56
PHILLIPS, RuebenBornabt. 1800New York stateD-56
PITTENGER, MariaBornc. 1811New JerseyB-122
PRICE, EllenBorn1856Chautauqua Co., NYD-12 *
PRUITT, OttoMarried11 Nov. 1920Columbus, KSH-86
RAGSDALE, Margaret M.Born1858MissouriD-56 *
RAGSDALE, Margaret M.Married1877Brookline, Greene Co., MOD-56 *
RAGSDALE, Richard JordanBorn1804Wilson Co., TND-56 *
RAGSDALE, Jiney JaneBorn1810TennesseeD-56
RHOADES, MildredResided1952Kansas City, MOH-86
RHODES, John A. Born8 Sept. 1877Lewis Co., WAD-12
SEATTLE (SEALTH), ChiefMarriedabt. 1800Snohomish Co., WAM-101
SEXTON, JamesBornabt. 1828NCM-101
SHADE, EthelResided4 Jan. 1920Oswego, KSH-86
SHARPLES/DAVIS, LawrenceDied10 Aug. 1886Toronto, Ont., CanadaR-64
SHAW, JohnMarried21 June 1821Morgan Co., OHD-12
SHERMAN, StellaDiedca. 1945Klamath Falls, ORH-86
SIRETT, WilliamBornabt. 1790Buckingham, U.K.R-64
SMITH, William R.Resided1870-1880Oneida Twp., Tama Co., IowaD-56
STERLING, AchillesBorn1830OhioB-122
THOMSEN, ThomasBorn?DenmarkD-56
TIPPER, John E.Bornc. 1864New YorkB-122
WAGER, CatherineBornc. 1831New JerseyB-122
WHITNEY, JohnBornMay 1870MichiganD-12 *


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Autumn 1996, Volume 28, Issue 1 (old format)
of Event
of Event
Member #
* See query
BAKER, Lydia Ann (SIMONS)Diedaft 1905nr N. Baltimore, OHP-50 *
BRATTON, JaneDied28 Dec 1886Keenagh, Donegal, IrelandD-27
BRIGHTMAN, Elizabeth (SIMONS)Died9 Sep 1906nr Springfield, OHP-50 *
BRIGHTMAN,LemuelMarriedca 1846Cayuga Co., NYP-50 *
CARPENTER, JosephDied2 Oct 1896? ?, MND-27
COOPER, Eliz. CarterDied10 Mar 1845Sangamon Co., ILA-02
DAY, JeremiahBorn1794PennsylvaniaA-02
DAY, JeremiahMarriedca 1815Ohio, Pennsylvania????A-02
DAY, Stephen CumminsBorn30 Aug 1831Butler Co., OHA-02
DEVANEY, GeorgeDied20 Jan 1883Keenagh, Donegal, IrelandD-27
DRURY, Hannah FlaggDiedca 1763Temple, NHA-02
GANNON, MaryBornFeb 1835Westmeath, IrelandA-02
HATHAWAY, MargaretMarried1 Apr 1792New Bedford, Bristol Co., MAP-50 *
HUMES, ElizabethBorn28 Oct 1794Hagerstown, MDA-02
JOHN, CooperBornca 1772York Co., SCA-02
Mc GOWAN, Mary AnnBorn8 Jun 1840Clomany, Donegal, IrelandD-27
Mc MANAMON, MichaelBorn1825Leitrim, IrelandA-02
PEAKE, RoswellDiedafter 1823Delaware Co., NYA-02
PEAKE, Mary MasonDiedafter 1823Delaware Co., NYA-02
PRESCOTT, PeterDied7 Nov 1925Rail Prairie, Morrison, MN (near Ft. Rippley)D-27
SIMMONS, JohnMarried1 Apr 1792Freetown, Bristol Co., MAP-50 *
SIMONS, Clara YBorn9 Oct 1830NYP-50 *
SIMONS, ElizabethBorn25 Apr 1828NYP-50 *
SIMONS, ElizabethMarriedca 1846Cayuga Co., NYP-50 *
SIMONS, Joseph ArnoldBorn3 May 1824NYP-50 *
SIMONS, Lydia Ann (Letty)Born28 Jun 1842NYP-50 *
SIMONS, Lydia AnnMarried1861Clark Co., OHP-50 *
SIMONS, Peter A.Born16 Mar 1822NYP-50 *
THOM, Anna MariaBorn3 Jul 1869Haale, Schls-Holstein, GermanyA-02 *
THOM, ChristianBornca 1830Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyA-02 *
THOM, ChristianDiedca 1900Sibley or Peoria, ILA-02 *
VEHRS, WielkeBorn10 Apr 1835Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyA-02


Ancestor Exchange Submitters Information
TPCGS Member No.NameMailing AddressE-Mail Address
A-29 ALDRIDGE, D. 23 Marble Beach Rd. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332 aldridgekd@worldnet.att.net
A-02 ALEXANDER, Maxine Day 10606 34th Avenue East, Tacoma, WA 98446
B-109 BAYBA, Bobbie Jean (BUNTEN) 14614 - 73rd Ave. Ct. E., Puyallup, WA 98373, (253) 537-1741
B-122 BEASON, Eugene M. 31727C 47th Ln. SW, Federal Way, WA 98023
D-21 DARNEILLE, Charles 4238 Kootnai W., Tacoma, WA 98466 Darneille@wport.com
D-56 DEMICK,Margaret 3947 N. 29th, Tacoma, WA 98407 demick@ix.netcom.com
D-27 DEVENNY Kenneth 5915 Beverly Ave, NE Tacoma, WA 98422-1410, (253) 952-2192 kensgenes@msn.com
D-12 DODD, Diana 12306 217th St. E., Graham, WA 98338-8870
H-89 HARDING, Diane A. 524 So. 48th St., Tacoma, WA 98408
H-86 HIATT, Nora 5919 S. I St., Tacoma, WA 98408 Norahiatt@sprintmail.com
H-81 HOWELLS, Cyndi 819 11th St. NW, Puyallup, WA 98371-4108 cyndihow@oz.net
J-38 JOHNSON, Karl J. 855 137th St. Ct. S., Tacoma, Washington 98444 kjheinz@juno.com or kjheinz@earthlink.net
M-101 MARTIN, Robert Doud 10520 Old Eagle Rd., Eagle River, AK 99577-8040 rdmartin@alaska.net
P-50 PETERSON, Nancy Simons 5416 Crescent Beach Rd., Vaughn, WA 98394 nanpete@mindspring.com
R-64 ROLEY, Audrey Mills P.O.Box. 1928, Eatonville, WA 98328
R-10 ROONEY, Dorothy RUSSELL 6801 - 47th St. W., Tacoma, WA 98466-4911
W-83 WILLIAMS, Jean 9201 S. Yakima, Tacoma, WA 98444-4243 jrae6@juno.com


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