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Ancestor Exchange, 1995 - 1996

A collection of surnames being researched by members of the Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society

The Ancestor Exchange allows society members to submit information regarding the ancestors they are researching. All entries to the Ancestor Exchange are added to the TPCGS Web Site unless otherwise indicated on the form by the submitter. Ancestor Exchange entries can be submitted by themselves or in conjunction with a query.

Index to Ancestor Exchange Entries Online

To Respond to Ancestor Exchange Entries:

Please write to the mailing address or e-mail address given for the individual who posted the entry in each section. Please mention that you found the entry on this TPCGS web site.

To Submit Ancestor Exchange Entries:     (For TPCGS Members Only)

Any society member may submit Ancestor Exchange entries for publication in The Newsletter and on the society's web site. You must include your full mailing address, as well as your e-mail address if appropriate. Send entries by e-mail or postal mail to:

TPCGS Ancestor Exchange & Queries Editor
Frank Weihs
4815 N. 16th St.
Tacoma, Washington 98406-3309

Format used in the Ancestor Exchange entries:

  1. Surname and given name.
  2. Begin Date: The earliest date for which you have information about the person.
  3. End Date: The latest date for which you have information about the person.
  4. Migration: The migration of that family. For instance, if your ancestors started out in Virginia, moved to Kentucky, then on to Missouri, the entry would be VA>KY>MO, USA.
  5. Submitter's TPCGS Membership Number.
  6. * Indicates that there is a corresponding query. Click on the link which will take you to the spot on the Queries page which contains the corresponding entry.

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Ancestor Exchange entries for the 1995 - 1996 TPCGS Year

Updated April 6, 1997

See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Summer 1996, Volume 27, Issue 4 (old format)
NameEventDate of EventPlace of EventTPCGS Member No
* See query
ARNOLD, ReubenMarried13 Dec 1764Colchester, CTP-50 *
BOGARDUS, CorneliaMarriedbef 1779Albany, NY ?O-19 *
BOYDE, Anna Belle (WALKER)Died?Pierce Co., WAS-99
BULGER, BenjaminBornca 1820OHC-39 *
BULGER, BenjaminMarried12 Apr 1840Tuscarawas Co., OHC-39 *
BULGER, BenjaminDied?
C-39 *
CARNRIKE, DavidMarried31 Jan 1800Ktasbaan Reformed, Ulster, NYO-19 *
GIBBS, CharlotteMarried12 Apr 1840Tuscarawas Co., OHC-39 *
FIDLER, GeorgeBorn14 Mar 1847NYO-19 *
FIDLER, GeorgeDiedJuly 1926Camden, Hillsdale, MIO-19 *
FOOD/FOOT, ElizabethMarried6 Jul 1790Albany Presbyterian, Albany, NYO-19 *
FOOD/FOOT, MargaretBaptised3 Nov 1779Albany Reformed, Albany, NYO-19 *
GUSTAFSON, Julia EllendeDied20 May 1892Tacoma, Pierce Co., WAS-99
HESS, MaryBornabt 1844Williams Co. (?), OHO-19 *
HILEN, Dora (WALKER)Died?Pierce Co., WAS-99
JACOBS, Maud(e) (WALKER)Died?Pierce Co., WAS-99
KENNEDY, Ann ElizabethBornca 1743Schenectady, NY ?O-19 *
MC DOUGAL, JohnBornca 1741Schenectady, NY ?O-19 *
MOO, Annatje "Hannah"Bornabt 1770NYO-19 *
OWENS, MaryMarried6 Jun 1882Kinderhook Dutch Reformed, NYO-19 *
OWENS, UriahBorn?
O-19 *
SIMONS, IshamDied17 June 1845Orwell, Oswego County, NYP-50 *
SON/ZON, ThomasMarried6 June 1882Kinderhook Dutch Reformed, NYO-19 *
WALKER, Edmund BurtonDied20 Jul 1921Tacoma, Pierce Co., WAS-99
WALKER, George MarionDiedca 1940Puyallup, Pierce Co., WAS-99
WALKER, James HDied8 Mar 1915Puyallup, Pierce Co., WAS-99
WALKER, Nancy (YOUNG)Diedca 1929Tacoma, Pierce Co., WAS-99
WALKER, Phoebe Ann (GOSS)Died7 May 1910Puyallup, Pierce Co., WAS-99
WILCOX, Elizabeth (ALKIRE)Buried3 Jun 1893Sumner, Pierce Co., WAS-99
WILLIAMS, JohnMarriedbef 1779Albany, NY ?O-19 *


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Spring 1996, Volume 27, Issue 3 (old format)
NameEventDate of EventPlace of EventTPCGS Member #
* See query
AUGUSTINE, Horace MBorn17 Nov 1896Monticello, Piatt Co., ILS-99
BRANSON, DavidBorn12 Dec 1821Highland Co., OHH-86
COX, SallyDied19 Jan 1873Labette Co., KSH-86
CRAIN, Lewis WesleyDied17 Oct 1900Altamont, KSH-86
CRAIN, William C.Died14 Apr 1816Sumner Co., TNH-86
EDWARDS, AbelBornca 1739VAC-82
EDWARDS, AbelDied?Sullivan Co., TNC-82
EDWARDS, AbelMarried24 Jan 1764Mary Polly POTTS, Loudon, VAC-82
FLEMING, AlexanderBorn24 Mar 1734Lancaster, PAC-82
FLEMING, AlexanderDied12 Sep 1821Pickaway Co., OHC-82
FLEMING, AlexanderMarriedca 1768-72Hannah JENNINGSC-82
GILLETT, Wm ChauncyBorn1789/90Ct or NY, m LydiaP-50
GILLETT, AmbroseBorn1791/92Litchfield, Herkimer, NYP-50
GILLETT, Van Renss. HaleBorn1803Litchfield, Herkimer, NYP-50
HARRIS, ElizaMarried17 Oct 1857St. Mary's, Perth Co., Ont., CANK-21
HESS, Petronia MMarried24 Jan 1871Terre Haute, INP-58
HESS, Petronia MBorn30 May 1848Kardasova, Recice, CzecP-58
JAMES, Mordecia CBorn15 Jul 1831OHC-82
JAMES, Mordecia CDied2 Nov 1871Hartford, Lyon Co., KSC-82
JAMES, Mordecia CMarried25 Mar 1858Susannah FLEMINGC-82
JUSTICE, ElzieDiedca 1911Tacoma, WA areaJ-41
JUSTICE, OmarDied??J-41
JUSTICE, EstellDied??J-41
JUSTICE, Charles BDiedJune 1911Jacksonville, FLJ-41
JUSTICE, Mary (Sparks) (wife of Elzie)Died?Des Moines, IAJ-41
KELLY, Harry DanielMarried28 Jan, 1909David City, NebrP-58
KNOTTS, PatsyMarried8 Aug 1808Washington Co., VAS-99
KNOWLES, Mary Born2 Apr 1845Glasgow, SCOTLANDH-86
McADOO, MargaretBorn16 Dec 1813NCC-82
McADOO, MargaretDied26 Jan 1902Hartford, Lyon Co., KSC-82
McADOO, MargaretMarried1833John L. MAHAFFEY, Park Co., INC-82
McCLURE, JohnBorn1764?c-82
McCLURE, JohnDiedca 1790Middleton, Rutland Co., VTC-82
MANAR, AndrewResidedca 1895Faulkner, Cherokee Co., KSH-86
MANAR, JaneBornca 1879Cowley Co., KSH-86
MANAR, Robert W.Died20 Dec 1947Altamont, KSH-86
MARTIN, HartwellDiedApr 1860Bourbon Co., KSH-86
MILES, Mary Ann TaitDied28 Sep 1949Salem, Marion Co., ORK-21
NEEDHAM, FloydDiedca 1991Cherokee Co., KSH-86
NEEDHAM, MaxineBornca 1923Faulkner, KSH-86
OGLE, HarryBornca 1869IL/WVS-99
PARSONS, NancyDied26 May 1952Cherokee Co., KSH-86
PESCHECK, FrankBorn02 Feb 1846Slatina, Kralovice, Pizen, CzecP-58
POTTS, Mary PollyBornca 1753Loudon Co., VAC-82
PRUETT, AndrewBornca 1780Richmond Co., NCH-86
PRUETT, Ellender "Nelly"Bornca 1820Morgon Co., TNH-86
ROBERTSON, CharlesBornca 1775VAS-99
ROGERS, Ann (Nancy)Married8 Sep 1793Juli Augustine SICARD, Trenton, NJP-50
SICARD, Julian AugustineResidedca 1793Burlington Co., NJP-50
SICARD, StephenDied1822Philadelphia, PAP-50
SINEX, Henry JrMarriedca 1880-1890DE/PAS-99
SINEX, Rachel nee ?Marriedca 1880-1890DE/PAS-99
STOUT, NaomiBornca 1823 Clinton, OHH-86
STUART, Eliza TaitDied9 Mar 1951Santa Clara, Santa Clara Co., CAK-21
TATE, JamesBornca 1831IrelandK-21
TATE, JohnBornca 1821IrelandK-21
TATE, MarraBornca 1786IrelandK-21
TATE/TAIT, WilliamBornca 1821IrelandK-21
TAIT, AlbertBornDec 1875St. Mary's, Perth Co., Ont, CANK-21
TAIT, Eliza HarrisBornca 1837EnglandK-21
TAIT, Eliza (Stuart)Born19 Feb 1868St. Mary's, Perth Co., Ont., CANK-21
TAIT, ElizabethBornca 1862St. Mary's, Perth Co., Ont., CANK-21
TAIT, GeorgeBornca 1860St. Mary's, Perth Co., Ont., CANK-21
TAIT, GeorgeDied13 Nov 1916King Co., WAK-21
TAIT, WilliamMarried17 Oct 1857St. Mary's, Perth Co., Ont., CANK-21
TAIT, WilliamBornca 1859St. Mary's, Pert Co., Ont., CANK-21
WAUGHTEL, FrederickMarried8 Aug 1808Washington Co., VAS-99
WILCOX, LeviDiedafter 1896Tacoma, WA (or ?)S-99


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Winter 1996, Volume 27, Issue 2 (old format)
NameEventDate of EventPlace of EventTPCGS Member No
* See query
BARNES, JacksonBorn1825PAC-42
BARNES, Martha (WILSON)Born1829PAC-42
BARNES, Martha (WILSON)Died1859Cass Co., IAC-42
BARNES, Robert PerryBorn1856Cass Co., IAC-42
BARNES, Robert PerryMarried18 Jan 1882Louisville, Pottawattomie Co., KSC-42
BLANKA, WilheminaBorn19 Oct 1863Lippe Detmold, GermanyC-42
BLANKA, WilheminaMarried18 Jan 1882Louisville, Pottawattomie Co., KSC-42
JAY, Harriett (to Wm. Wilde, Jr)Married28 Oct 1873Hallow, Worcester, EnglandM-102
LEFFLER, Christiana (Philabaum)Born1757Harrison Co., IN (?)S-99
LEFFLER, GeorgeBorn1751Harrison Co., IN (?)S-99
PHILABAUM, ChristianaMarried1778Harrison Co., IN (?)S-99
PHILABAUM, ConradBorn1721? (PA)S-99
PHILABAUM, Salome (nee?)Born1727? (PA)S-99
WILDE, ElizaBaptised19 Feb 1844Hallow, Worcester, EnglandM-102
WILDE (WYLD), WilliamDied18 Nov 1867Hallow, Worcester, EnglandM-102
WILSON, JohnResided1852Venango Co., PAC-42
WILSON, JohnResided1859Cass Co., IAC-42


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Autumn 1995, Volume 27, Issue 1 (old format)
NameEventDate of EventPlace of EventTPCGS Member No
* See query
BACHANT-GREENLEAF, LucieBorn4 Jan 1801Montreal, CANR-53
BACHANT-GREENLEAF, LucieDied5 Apr 1885Warrens, Monroe Co., WIR-53
BACHANT-GREENLEAF, LucieBuriedApr 1886St. Mary's Cem., Tomah, WIR-53
Amable DUBOISR-53
BOWLES, FrancesBornca 1755KY/VAS-99
BOYD, Samuel David Born25 May 1843Neosha, Newton Co., MOT-27
BOYD, Mary Elizabeth (Trantham)Born12 Sep 1853Memphis, TNT-27
BOYD, RuthBorn14 Aug 1878Civil Bend, Indian Terr.T-27
BOYD, RuthDied14 Aug 1878Civil Bend, Indian Terr.T-27
BOYD, Samuel EarlBorn13 Feb 1882Neosha, Newton Co., MOT-27
BOYD, Roy BailyBorn9 Oct 1883Neosha, Newton Co., MOT-27
BOYD, Neomi ParleeBorn5 Nov 1885Galena, KST-27
BOYD, Oro BelleBorn23 Sep 1887Neosha, Newton Co., MOT-27
BRECKENRIDGE, Chloe MalindaBornca 1828OHS-99
BRECKENRIDGE, JohnMarriedca 1810/25OH/PAS-99
BRECKENRIDGE, Rebecca (nee ?)Marriedca 1820/25OH/PAS-99
CAPLE, Samuel HughResided1904Puyallup, Pierce Co., WAD-56
CASTEEL, LouisaBornca 1790PAR-53
CLARK, Charles E.Bornca 1831CanadaR-10
CLARK, Charles KelloggBornca 1805Berkshire Co., MAR-10
CLARK, Charles KelloggDiedca 1860Niagara Co., NYR-10
CLARK, Emma J.Bornca 1840NYR-10
CLARK, Electa Bornca 1810MA or CTR-10
CLARK, FannyBornca 1852Chemung Co., NYR-10
CLARK, FrancisBornca 1844NYR-10
CLARK, IdaBorn7 Mar 1849Chemung Co., NYR-10
CLARK, Jefferson B.Bornca 1833CanadaR-10
CLARK, John ChamberlinBorn14 Jan 1793CTR-10
CLARK, John ChamberlinDied25 Oct 1852Chemung Co., NYR-10
CLARK, Josephine S.Bornca 1845Chemung Co., NYR-10
CLARK, SusanBornca 1849NYR-10
CROSS, AlexResidedbef 1839Aberdeen, SCOTD-56
CROSS, AlexResidedaft 1839Belleville, Ontario, CAND-56
FALKENBERG, Henrick JacobsMarriedca 1670DE/NJS-99
GAERY, SarahMarried1841Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., OHD-56
HARDEN, JonathanResided1870'sTama co., IAD-56
LANGDON, Ida (Clark)Born7 Mar 1849Chemung Co., NYR-10
LAPORTE, AmeliaBorn
LONGNECKER, ElizabethBornca 1780KYS-99
MAILLOT, PierreMarried8 Jan 1816St. Chas., Sur Richelieu, Quebec, CANR-53
MAILLOT, PierreDied2 Feb 1824Par. Ste. Famile, Boucherville, Chambly Co., Quebec, CANR-53
MANN, Electa (Clark)Bornca 1810MA or CTR-10
MEYER, JohnBornca 1844Alsace Lorraine, GERD-56
MEYER, JohannMarriedca 1844Alsace Lorraine, GERD-56
MORSE/MASSE, OreliaDied6 Apr 1909Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MNR-53
MORSE/MASSE, OreliaBuried1909St. Mary's Cem., Minneapolis, MNR-53
MORSE/MASSE, OreliaFather
Louis/Lewis MASSER-53
MORSE/MASSE, OreliaMother
MORSE/MASSE/MACE, Louis/LewisMarried21 Jun 1825Paroise de St.Jos. Chambly, QUE, CANR-53
MORSE/MASSE/MACE, Louis/LewisDied18 Dec 1888Warrens, Lincoln Twp., Monroe Co., WIR-53
MORSE/MASSE/MACE, Louis/LewisBuriedDec 1888St. Mary's Cem., Monroe Co., WIR-53
MORSE/MASSE/MACE, Louis/LewisFather
Augustin MACER-53
MORSE/MASSE/MACE, Louis/LewisMother
Elizabeth BOUCHERR-53
Par. Ste. Famille, Boucherville, Chambly Co., Quebec, CANR-53
Par. Ste. Famille, Boucherville, Chambly Co., Quebec, CANR-53
Par. Ste. Famille, Boucherville, Chambly Co., Quebec, CANR-53
O'HARE, SarahBornca 1804VTD-56
O'HARE, Cynthia (Prible)Resided1800VTD-56
PHILLIPS, AlexanderResided1867Oneida Twp., Tama Co., IAD-56
PHILLIPS, AlexanderResided1890Crook Co., WYD-56
PHILLIPS, Reuben Sr.Bornca 1800NY StateD-56
PIDGEON, MonicaBornca 1725MD ?S-99
RAGSDALE, MargaretBorn1858MOD-56
ROBERTS, William A.Bornca 1802MED-53
ROBERTS, Marquis A.Born1833Monroe Co., OHD-53
ROBERTS, Marquis A.Died17 Sep 1890Mahaska Co., IAD-53
ROBERTS, MargeryBorn17 Aug 1830Mahaska Co., IAD-53
ROBERTS, MargeryDied23 Jul 1855Mahaska Co., IAD-53
ROBERTS, MarcusBornca 1807CTD-53
ROBERTS, MarcusMarried
Delilah (?)D-53
ROBERTS, Delilah (?)Bornca 1809MED-53
ROBERTS, MarcusResided1830Washington Co., CTD-53
ROBERTS, MarcusResided1850Florence Twp., Erie Co., OHD-53
SINEX, Henry JrDiedca 1810DE/PA/INS-99
SINEX, Rachel (nee Peterson ?)Died1800/10DE/PA/INS-99
SMITH, William R.Resided1870'sTama Co., IAD-56
SONTAG, MargueriteBornca 1810Alsace Lorraine, GERD-56
STILLMAN, Catherine (nee Wilcox)Diedca 1915 ?Pierce Co., WA ?S-99
STORM/STORMS, ElizabethBornca 1806Warren Co., OHS-99
UELMEN, JohnBorn17 Feb 1806GERD-56
UELMEN, PeterResided1888-1926Auburn Twp., Fond De Luc Co., WID-56
VALLARD/VALAVE, Joseph/OctabBorn6 Apr 1836CanadaR-53
VALLARD/VALAVE, Joseph/OctabDied6 Apr 1909Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MNR-53
VALLARD/VALAVE, Joseph/OctabBuried1909St. Mary's Cem., Minneapolis, MNR-53
VALLARD/VALAVE, Joseph/OctabFather
Alfred VALAVER-53
VALLARD/VALAVE, Joseph/OctabMother
Amelia LAPORTER-53
VALAVE, AlfredBorn
VANTREESE, GeorgeBornca 1806Crosby Twp., Hamilton Co., OHS-99
WAUGHTEL, FrederickDiedca 1840Washington Co., IN ?S-99
WILCOX, LeviDiedca 1896 ?Pierce Co., WA ?S-99


Ancestor Exchange Submitters Information
TPCGS Member No.NameMailing AddressE-Mail Address
C-39 CARLSON, Barbara 3406 Shyleen St., Gig Harbor, WA 98335
C-82 CARLSON, Jo C. 1502 S Highland Ave.,Tacoma, WA 98465
C-42 CARPENTER, Maxine P O Box 514, Milton, WA 98354
D-56 DEMICK,Margaret 3947 N. 29th, Tacoma, WA 98407 demick@ix.netcom.com
H-86 HIATT, Nora 5919 S. I St., Tacoma, WA 98408 Norahiatt@sprintmail.com
J-41 JUSTICE, Barbara 6979 Pitts Road, Jacksonville, FL 32119
K-21 KALENIUS, Allene (Pat) 10702 Douglas Dr. S.W., Tacoma, WA 98499
M-102 MULLEN, Donna 5618 18th St N.W., Gig Harbor, WA 98335 mullen@oz.net
O-19 OWENS, Katharine 10712 108th St., Anderson Island, WA 98303
P-58 PESCHEK, Allan R. 1606 S Proctor St., Tacoma, WA 98405 apeschek@aol.com
P-50 PETERSON, Nancy Simons 5416 Crescent Beach Rd., Vaughn, WA 98394 nanpete@mindspring.com
R-53 ROBERTS, Barbara L. (Richards) H. 222-K West Bay Dr. NW, Olympia, WA 98502-4972
R-10 ROONEY, Dorothy Russell 6801 - 47th St. W., Tacoma, WA 98466-4911
S-99 SORENSEN, Antoinette Waughtel 3631 North Mullen Street, Tacoma, WA 98407-4124
T-27 TIMMONS, Leona M. 18650 - 68th Ave. S., Kent, WA 98032-1044


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