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A collection of surnames being researched by members of the Tacoma-Pierce County Genealogical Society

The Ancestor Exchange allows society members to submit information regarding the ancestors they are researching. All entries to the Ancestor Exchange are added to the TPCGS Web Site unless otherwise indicated on the form by the submitter. Ancestor Exchange entries can be submitted by themselves or in conjunction with a query.

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Format used in the Ancestor Exchange entries:

  1. Surname and given name.
  2. Begin Date: The earliest date for which you have information about the person.
  3. End Date: The latest date for which you have information about the person.
  4. Migration: The migration of that family. For instance, if your ancestors started out in Virginia, moved to Kentucky, then on to Missouri, the entry would be VA>KY>MO, USA.
  5. Submitter's TPCGS Membership Number.
  6. * Indicates that there is a corresponding query. Click on the link which will take you to the spot on the Queries page which contains the corresponding entry.

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Ancestor Exchange entries for the 1993 - 1994 TPCGS Year

Updated September 24, 1997

See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Summer 1994, Volume 25, Issue 4 (old format)
NameEventDate of EventPlace of EventTPCGS Member No.
* See query
ALLEN, CyrusMarried26 July 1804Woodstock, Windsor Co., VTF-29
ALLEN, CyrusDiedAugust 1866Pepin, Pepin Co., WIF-29
ASHLEY, BurnettResided1930Longview, WAF-31*
ASHLEY, FrankResided1930Los Angeles, CAF-31*
ASHLEY, Minnie Irene (Scoville)Married ? CT?F-31*
ASHLEY, RhodaBorn ? ?F-31*
BAYSINGER, JohnBornabt. 1799Rowan Co., NCD-46
BENNETT, ElijahMarried1792VAD-46
BENNETT, Martha (Davis)Married1792VAD-46
BLAIR, Jacob F.Born06 October 1835Russell Co., VAF-30
BLAIR, Jacob F.Died24 March 1878Denton, Denton Co., TXF-30
BLAIR, Louisa HutchinsBorn04 December 1836Yancey Co., NCF-30*
BLAIR, Louisa HutchinsMarried20?30 Aug 1854Russell Co., VAF-30*
CAINE, WilliamBornabt. 1815Isle of ManD-46*
CHAMBERLAIN, JaneBorn1812Rathdowney, Queens Co., IREM-86
CHAMBERLAIN, Jane (Twist)Marriedca. 1835-45probably PAM-86
CHANEY, Anna HutchinsBorn26 October 1835Yancey Co., NCF-30*
CHANEY, JacobBornca. 08 Jun 1827Buchanan Co., VAF-30
CHANEY, JacobDied21? 24? Dec 1878Meeker Co., MNF-30
CORNWELL, JesseBornabt. 1776VAD-46
CRABTREE, PeterBorn1760Washington Co., MDD-46
CURTIS, Eliza (Suit)Married24 June 1824Mason Co., KYD-46*
CURTIS, JamesMarried24 June 1824Mason Co., KYD-46*
DAVIS, JamesMarried1771VAD-46
DAVIS, Margaret (Dozier)Married1771VAD-46
FISCHER, ChristianMarriedabt. 1838Allentown, PAF-29
GUNTER, GeorgeMarried09 January 1817Haywood Co., NCD-46
GUNTER, Sidney (Watson)Married09 January 1817Haywood Co., NCD-46
HALL, BelindaBorn21 February 1813Dryden, Tompkins Co., NYF-29
HOLMES, RhodaResided1930Los Angeles, CAF-31
HOOK, Edna MayBorn22 March 1889NEN-26
HUTCHINS, Amelia JamesBorn27 January 1855New Brighton, Beaver Co., PAF-30
HUTCHINS, Amelia JamesDied25 May 1919Spokane Co., WAF-30
HUTCHINS, Elbert S.Born27 May 1949Yancey Co., NCF-30*
HUTCHINS, Elbert S.Died23? 25 Dec 1928Yakima Co., WAF-30*
HUTCHINS, Fanny ErfurthBornOctober 1864WVF-30
HUTCHINS, Fanny ErfurthDied31 July 1942Spokane Co., WAF-30
HUTCHINS, George W.Born01 July 1853Wise Co., VAF-30*
HUTCHINS, George W.Died02 February 1937Meeker Co., MNF-30*
HUTCHINS, JohnBorn03 November 1851Wise Co., VAF-30*
HUTCHINS, JohnDied07 June 1932Spokane Co., WAF-30*
HUTCHINS, Mary ForderBornJuly 1851F-30
HUTCHINS, Mary ForderDied26 July 1941Spokane, Spokane Co. WAF-30
HUTCHINS, Mary MathenyBorn12 February 1862MNF-30
HUTCHINS, Mary MathenyDied10 April 1944Meeker Co., MNF-30
HUTCHINS, Nancy Taylor KazieBorn18 September 1843Russell Co., VAF-30
HUTCHINS, Nancy Taylor KazieDied01 December 1879Meeker Co., MNF-30
HUTCHINS, OliverBorn22 January 1855Wise Co., VAF-30*
HUTCHINS, OliverDied25 August 1938Kittatas Co., WAF-30*
HUTCHINS, Sarah JaneBorn14 December 1838Yancey Co., NCF-30
HUTCHINS, Theresa ErfurthBorn09 May 1859OHF-30*
HUTCHINS, Theresa ErfurthDied07 September 1930Yakima Co., WAF-30*
HUTCHINS, Thomas J.Born08 March 1842Yancey Co., NCF-30*
HUTCHINS, Thomas J.Died25 January 1921Spokane, Spokane Co., WAF-30*
HUTCHINS, William P.Born27 January 1847Yancey Co., NCF-30
HUTCHINS, William P.Died31 May 1921Spokane, Spokane Co., WAF-30
JAMES, Elizabeth RoseBorn08 December 1849Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PAF-29
KEEL, IsaacBorn16 April 1784VA?M-86*
KEEL, IsaacMarried28 December 1804Mercer Co., KYM-86*
KEEL, James Rev.Died1819Warren Co., KYM-86
KEEL, Richard H.Bornca. 1824/6MOM-86*
KEEL, Richard H.Marriedca. 1848MOM-86*
KEEL, Richard H.Resided1850-1900Montgomery Co., MOM-86*
KERR, JamesBorn08 October 1749PAM-86*
KERR, JamesResided1804Mercer Co., KYM-86*
KERR, JamesDied1811St. Charles Co., MOM-86*
KERR, Patience (Keel)Born23 November 1784PAM-86*
KNIGHT, Catherine (Brown)Marriedabt. 1800Cecil Co., MDD-46*
KNIGHT, JohnMarriedabt. 1800Cecil Co., MDD-46*
LAUGHTON, AlbertMarriedca. 1875Meeker Co., MNF-30
LAUGHTON, Jennie Hutchins Born13/15 April 1856 Wise Co., VAF-30*
LINDBERG, Minnie Irene (Scoville)Resided1930?F-31*
LOSEY, PeterMarried20 December 1832LaFayette, Onondaga Co., NYF-29
McSTOTTS, Sarah Jane Hutchins OwensDied19 April 1896Collinswood, Meeker, MNF-30*
MILLER, RhodaMarried ? ?F-31
MOON, Sarah C.Bornabt. 1839MOD-46
MOORE, PhoebeBorn28 November 1778NCD-46*
O'REILLY, Edward F.Died20 September 1927Belllingham, Whatcom., WAF-29
PETTY, HarbinMarried10 September 1795Rowan Co., NCD-46*
PETTY, Phoebe (Moore)Married10 September 1795Rowan Co., NCD-46*
RAMEY, AlexanderBorn04 October 1847Pike Co., KYF-30
RAMEY, AlexanderDied22 June 1912Collinswood, Meeker Co., MNF-30
RAMEY, Margaret HutchinsBorn03 October 1843Yancey Co., NCF-30*
RAMEY, Margaret HutchinsDied23 May 1929/30Meeker Co., MNF-30*
RICHARDSON, SusanBornFebruary 1831MOD-46
RICHISON, CatherineBorn09 November 1836Mechlenberg Co., NCD-46
ROANE, Mary HutchinsBorn06 March 1840Yancey Co., NCF-30*
ROANE, Mary HutchinsDied16 May 1909Seattle, King Co., WAF-30*
ROANE, ThomasMarried22 February 1870Meeker Co., MNF-30
ROBINSON, Delwin WilliamDiedSeptember 1956Coquille, Coos, ORN-26*
RYAN, MaryDied10 September 1900Everett, Snohomish Co., WAF-29
SCOVILLE, Minnie IreneBorn01 January 1865New Britain, Hartford, CTF-31*
SHARPS, George WashingtonMarried29 December 1842VAD-46
SHARPS, Nansey (Knight)Married29 December 1842VAD-46
SHARPS, Rebecca EllenBorn28 June 1861Adair Co., MDD-46
SMITH, Asburry EastmanMarried28 March 1881Litchfield, Meeker Co., MNF-30
SMITH, Cynthia HutchinsBord13/15 February 1858Wise Co., VAF-30*
SMITH, Cynthia HutchinsDied24 March 1930Spokane, Spokane Co. WAF-30*
STRAIN, JohnDied29 May 1859Westfield, Chautauqua, NYF-29
TWIST, JamesBorn1804Queens Co.(now co. Leix), IREM-86
TWIST, JamesResided1840Brandywine, Chester Co., PAM-86
TWIST, JamesResided1860Kirtland, Lake Co., OHM-86
WELLS, Patience (Kerr)Born24 September 1759PA or MDM-86*
WIGHAM, JohnBornabt. 1792VAD-46
WILLIAMS, SarahBorn1765Washington Co., MDD-46


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Spring 1994, Volume 25, Issue 3 (old format)
NameEventDate of EventPlace of EventTPCGS Member No.
* See query
BOZELL, Cynthia (Frazier)Bornca. 1845INA-29
BOZELL, RiasDied____Rush, INA-29
BRECKENRIDGE, Chloe MalindaBorn1822OHS-99
BROWN, Sadie (Hutchinson)Born12 October 1863OHA-29
BURTON, PrettymanMarried01 April 1817Shelby Co. KYS-99
COLLEY (COLLY), CatherineDied____Boyd?, KYA-29
COLLEY (COLLY), DruryDied____Wythe?, VAA-29
DAVIES, Nell P.Born1903Tacoma, Pierce Co., WAW-72
DAVIES, Nell P.Died1936Tacoma, Pierce Co., WAW-72
DAVISSON, NathanielBornca. 1846Greenup, KYA-29
DICKENSON, AnnaDied24 April 1928Chico, Butte Co., CAS-111
DICKENSON, Jessica E.Married16 November 1897Chicago, Cook Co., ILS-111
DOUGLASS, MaryBornca. 1847Greenup, KYA-29
EVANS, TibithaDied____Boyd?, KYA-29
EVANS, Thomas Ed.Died____Boyd?, KYA-29
EVANS, William Fred.DiedOctober 1895KY or WVA-29
HANKINS, Jane (Burton) WalkerDied1816Shelby Co. KYS-99
HUTCHINSON, JnoBornca. 1840OHA-29
KEEL/KEIL/KEAL, AllaBornca. 1834INS-99*
KEITH/KIETH, Eliza AnnDied25 January 1889Indianapolis, INS-99*
KNOT, PatsyMarried1808Washington Co., VAS-99
McCORMICK(ACK), Sara WalkerDiedAfter 1850Floyd Co. INS-99
NETZLEY, Anna A. (Marton)Died06 December 1918Glendora, Los Angeles Co., CAS-111
NETZLEY, Emanuel F.Died08 December 1931Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CAS-111
NETZLEY, Jessica E. (Dickenson)Died28 November 1943Ellensburg, Yakima Co., WAS-111
NETZLEY, Margaret EdithMarried01 January 1918Yakima, Yakima Co., WAS-111
NETZLEY, Mary Elizabeth (Sollenberger)Died22 September 1936Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CAS-111
NETZLEY, Roland GuyMarried16 November 1897Chicago, Cook Co., ILS-111
NETZLEY, Roland GuyDied14 October 1956Selah, Yakima Co., WAS-111
NETZLEY, Urias M.Died17 August 1920Glendora, Los Angles Co., CAS-111
PETTYJOHN, WilliamDiedJanuary - February 1749Sussex Co., DES-99
PONSLER, SolomonBorn1818OH/PAS-99
RAISBECK, JohnDied____Elk, PAA-29
SHANNON, Sarah Jane (Cook) (Small)Died24 December 1927Salinas, Monterey Co., CAS-111
SMALL, Benjamin FrancDied25 January 1957Yakima, Yakima Co., WAS-111
SMALL, Burnetta (Longmire)Died11 April 1932Yakima, Yakima Co., WAS-111
SMALL, Clarence DeweyMarried01 January 1918Yakima, Yakima Co., WAS-111
SMALL, Clarence DeweyDied25 September 1949Milk River, Alberta, CANS-111
SMALL, Margaret Edith (Netzley)Died15 March 1974Tacoma, Pierce Co., WAS-111
SMALL , WilliamDied12 February 1922Yakima, Yakima Co., WAS-111
TENNY, Eli, Dr.Born22 March 1807Clark, OHA-29
TOTLAND, John P.Born05 May 1855NORWAYW-72
TOTLAND, John P.Married1888NORWAYW-72
TOTLAND, John P.Died16 July 1930Tacoma, Pierce Co., WAW-72
TOTLAND, Nellie (Norstdahl)Married1888NORWAYW-72
WALKER, WilliamDiedOctober 1806Goochland or Louisa Co., VAS-99
WAUGHTEL, FrederickDiedAfter 1836Washington Co., IN ?S-99
WAUGHTEL, JohnDiedMay 1932Scipio, INS-99*
WEST, FloraBornDecember 1801Wayne Co., PAS-99
WRIGHTSON, JohnDied____PAA-29
WRIGHTSON, IsabellaDied____PAA-29


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Winter 1993, Volume 25, Issue 2 (old format)
NameEventDate of EventPlace of EventTPCGS Member No.
* See query
ALLAIRE, JeanBorn1634St-Philibert, FRANCEM-102
ANDERSON, Georgina C.Born20 May 1886Slettostel, NORWAYR-61
AYERS, Joanathan AllenBornOctober 1847GAP-60
BACHELOR, Anna GlenningBorn05 May 1810Gwitiambury [?], CANADA?R-61
BAUGHMAN, CatherineBorn02 March 1779Cumberland Co., PAM-105
BEATTY, Henry WilliamBorn26 June 1850London, ENGLANDF-30
BELANGER, FrancoisBorn1612FRANCEM-102
BERNARD, Marie TereseMarried01 January 1704Quebec, CANM-102
BERNARD, JeanBorn1638Ste-Croix, FRANCEM-102
BIGGER, JosephBorn1778County Antrim, IRELANDC-42
BIGGER, JaneBorn1780County Antrim, IRELANDC-42
BINGHAM, LemuelBorn30 October 1738Norwich, New London, CTM-105
BISSONNET, PierreMarried09 October 1668Quebec, CANM-102
BLAIS, ThereseBorn07 March 1750St-Pierre-du-Sud, Quebec, CANM-102
BOUCAULT, JeanneDied25 January 1696Beauport, Quebec, CANM-102
BRANDT, AdamBorn29 November 1751Dauphin Co., PAM-105
BRASSARD, MargueriteDied25 July 1709St-Laurent, Quebec, CANM-102
BRECHBILL, HenryDied1808Westmoreland Co., PAM-105
BREVAL, MarieDied17 February 1716 Quebec, CANM-102
BROUSSEAU, JulianMarried28 October 1668Quebec, CANM-102
BUCHANAN, NancyBorn21 November 1814Burke Co., NCF-30
BUCK, LuluBorn24 March 1870Penobscot, Hancock, MER-61
CANNON, Melvina (Hartsock) (Ingalls)Married3rd ??R-61
CARBONNEAU, JosephBorn08 September 1737Berthier, Quebec, CANM-102
CHALIFOUR, SimoneBorn18 October 1655Quebec, CANM-102
CHAPELIER, MarieBorn1621St.-Etienne, Brie, FRANCEM-102
COCHON, JehanDied11 July 1673Chateau-Richer, Quebec, CANM-102
COGGINS, Charles WilliamBorn23 April 1859Baltimore, MDW-64
COLLIN, CatherineDied12 January 1668Ste-Famille, Quebec, CANM-102
COLOMBE, LouisMarried30 September 1670Ste-Famille, Quebec, CANM-102
COOPER, JohnBornca. 1772York Co., SCA-02
COOPER, Eliz. (Carter)Died10 March 1845Sangamon Co., ILA-02
COOPER, Rebecca AnnBorn05 August 1802MDM-105
CORNELL, Julia AnnBorn1834Vermillion, Erie, OHF-30
COTE, JacquesBorn21 January 1737St.-Pierre, I.O., Quebec, CANM-102
COTE, JeanDied28 March 1661Quebec, CANM-102
COUTURE, GuillaumeMarried18 November 1649Quebec, CANM-102
CROWELL, HannahBorn18 September 1731?W-64
DAVIS, William ClarkBorn11 July 1809MAM-105
DAY, JeremiahMarriedca. 1815 OH? PA?A-02
DAY, JeremiahBorn1794PAA-02
DAY, Stephen CumminsBorn30 August 1831Butler Co., OHA-02
DIBBLE, Maria L. (Mollie)Married27 July 1859Sauk Co., WIC-42
DOANE, George WashingtonBorn31 January 1868Eldred, McKeen, PAF-30
DOUD, Chauncy V.Born1838Rutland, Jefferson, NYM-101*
DOUD, Chauncy V.Died15 May 1912Buckley, Pierce Co., WAM-101*
DRACHSEL, AbrahamBorn1753Lebanon Co., PAM-105
DROUIN, RobertBorn16 April 1607Perche, FRANCEM-102
DRURY, Hannah (Flagg)Diedca. 1763Temple, Hillsborough, NHA-02
DUPILLE, RemiDied07 December 1700 St.-Augustin, Quebec, CANM-102
EDDY, ThomasBorn04 September 1803Morristown, Morris, NJW-64
FOGLE, Mary Eve (Graham)Died14 December 1906MTF-30
FOGLE, BenjaminDied10 February 1901Bozeman, Gallatin, MTF-30*
FOGLE, BenjaminBorn04 July 1840ILF-30*
FORGUES, PierreMarried16 October 1668Quebec, CANM-102
FOSTER, Mary Vann LewisMarried1864/5ARP-59
FOSTER, Ellen (Eleanor)Bornca. 1745Hopkinton, Washington, RIM-105
GAGNON, RobertDied02 September 1703Ste-Famille, Quebec, CANM-102
GAGNON, JeanDied02 April 1670Chateau-Richer, Quebec, CANM-102
GANNON, MaryBornFebruary 1835County Westmeath, IRELANDA-02
GASNIER, LouisMarried1641St.-Come, Vair, FRANCEM-102
GENDRON, MargueriteBorn07 August 1743St.-Frs-du-Sud, Quebec, CANM-102
GERRITZ, Albert HenryBorn10 August 1875Slettostel, NORWAYR-61
GODBOUT, NicolasMarried09 January 1662Quebec, CANM-102
GOODENOUGH, GeorgeBorn18 March 1781Marchlboro, Cheshire, NHC-42
GOODENOUGH, John RogersBorn30 April 1837Chippewa, Ontario, CANC-42
GOODENOUGH, ChristopherBorn1805NHC-42
GRAHAM, Mary EveBorn21 November 1847OHF-30
GREEN, James LafayetteBorn1877ALP-60
GROSLOT, JeanBorn____St.-Eloi, Aunis, FRANCEM-102
GUSTAFSON, AndrewDied15 August 1917Tacoma, Pierce, WAF-30
GUSTAFSON, AndrewBorn26 April 1846SWEDENF-30
GUSTAFSON, Katrina M. (Johnson)Died17 October 1915Leber, Pierce, WAF-30
GUYON, JeanDied03 May 1663Quebec, CANM-102
HANSEN, CasperDiedca. 1885NORWAYF-30
HARTSOCK, MelvinaBorn08 March 1847Oskaloosa, Mahaska, IAR-61
HEATH, Nellie BartlettBorn09 January 1864Baltimore, MDW-64
HEHIR, Ellen (Rooney)Born1825Dublin, IRELANDB-57*
HEHIR, EdwardBorn1820Ennis, County Clare, IRELANDB-57*
HILL, SamuelBorn24 October 1801Stark Co., OHC-42
HILL, DicyBorn05 May 1815NCF-30
HILL, KisahBorn07 September 1802Stark Co., OHC-42
HILL, WilliamBorn10 April 1773MDC-42*
HITCHCOCK, JaneMarried12 October 1798Jefferson Co., OHC-42*
HOOD, ElizabethDied13 October 1858Fairfleld, Jefferson Co., IAK-37
HOWELL, Melilla WinifredBorn28 August 1868Springfield, Greene, MOW-64
HUMES, ElizabethBorn28 October 1794Hagerstown, Washington, MDA-02
HUNT, Amy L.Born17 October 1867Shinglehouse, Potter, PAF-30
HUTCHINS, JacobBorn22 June 1814NCF-30
HUTCHINS, Nancy (Buchanan)Died19 August 1881Collinswood, Meeker, MNF-30
HUTCHINS, JacobDied16 April 1889Dassell, Meeker, MNF-30
HUTCHINS, ElizabethBorn07 March 1845/6Yancey Co., NCF-30
INGALLS, Melvina (Hartsock)m2.??R-61
ISOKANGAS, Emma MariaDied26 October 1943Lewis Co., WAR-61
ISOKANGAS, AbrahamBornabt 1870Lopa, FINLANDR-61
JENKINS, Melvina AnnBorn1879Spirit Lake, Dickinson, IAR-61
JOHNSON, Katrina M.Born16 May 1852SWEDENF-30
KEATING, EllenResided1850 censusLisbon, Waukesha Co., WIK-37
KEATING, MichaelResided1850 censusLisbon, Waukesha Co., WIK-37*
LACROIX, DavidMarried20 January 1681L'Islet, Quebec, CANM-102
LACROIX, FrancoisMarried11 September 1670Ste-Anne, Quebec, CANM-102
LAGOUE, AnneDied17 December 1728Pointe-aux-Tremb., Que., CANM-102
LANGLOIS, NoelDied15 July 1684Beauport, Quebec, CANM-102
LECOMPTE, AntoineDied21 April 1709Quebec, CANM-102
LeHOUX, FrancoiseDied09 April 1685Ste-Anne, Quebec, CANM-102
LEMELIN, JeanDied12 March 1717St.-Laurent, Quebec, CANM-102
LEWIS, John Tate SResidedDied1863/4ARP-59*
LEWIS, John TateBorn07 December 1862Perry Co., ARP-59
LEWIS, JessieBorn08 April 1752Washington Co., RIM-105
LOIGNON, PierreDied18 December 1690 Quebec, CANM-102
LOOSE, GeorgeBorn12 November 1754PAM-105
LOUINEAU, PierreMarried28 April 1678Ste-Famille, I.O., Quebec, CANM-102
MAILLOU, MichelDied02 July 1728St.-Vallier, Quebec, CANM-102
MARCHAND, FrancoisMarried30 September 1669Quebec, CANM-102
MARTIN, AbrahamBorn1589FRANCEM-102
MATTOX, SarahBorn10 February 1888Harper, Harper Co., KSR-61
MCCARTHY, Mary VictoriaBorn14 February 1863New Brunswick, CANADAF-30
MCCUE, Mary (Murphy)Died26 September 1897Minneapolis, MNE-09
MCCUE, RobertDied09 November 1878Minneapolis, MNE-09
MCCUE, RobertBorn1822 Londonderry, IRELANDE-09*
MCCUE, Mary (Murphy)BuriedSt Anthony Cem.Minneapolis, Hennepin, MNE-09
MCCUE, Mary (Murphy)Resided42 years inMNE-09
MCMANAMON, MichaelBorn1825Leitrim, IRELANDA-02
MCNURLEN, Wm.Resided1830 censusFranklin, Greene Co., PAK-37*
MELOY, JuliaBorn01 February 1861Yamhill Co., ORR-61
MELOY, Nathan HooverBorn1825Mexico P.O., Juniata Co., PAR-61
MERCIER, Jean BaptisteMarried05 August 1771St.-Francois, Quebec, CANM-102
MERCIER, JulienBorn27 February 1621Tourouvre, Perche, FRANCEM-102
METZGER, EveBorn14 November 1752Lancaster Co., PAM-105
MEUSNIER, ElisabethBorn17 February 1756Quebec, CANM-102
MICHEL, MarieDied12 November 1687Ste-Anne, Quebec, CANM-102
MINKLER, Alice Elizabeth (Waters)Died10 September 1931Montesano, Grays Harbor, WAF-30
MINKLER, Julia Ann (Cornell)Died26 October 1907?F-30
MINKLER, John RansomeBorn02 December 1831Erie Co., OHF-30
MINKLER, John RansomeDied13 April 1921?F-30
MONMAIGNIER, BarbeBorn1673Quebec, CANM-102
MORIN, JosephMarried16 February 1824St.-Henri, Quebec, CANM-102
MORSE, JoshuaBorn12 September 1699Plymouth, MAM-105
MOYE, IsaacBorn01 September 1787NCM-105
MURPHY, MaryBorn1821 or 1834County Carlow, IRELANDE-09*
MURRAY, Ben AlstromBorn27 January 1867Willard, Greene, MOW-64
NILSON, ChristinaBorn14 July 1859Värmland, SWEDENF-30
OLIVER, HenryBorn12 November 1812Darreyloran, County Tyrone, IREC-42
ORSBURN, JedediahBorn11 March 1768NJM-105
PARE, RobertMarried20 October 1633Quebec, CANM-102
PARENTEAU, MarieDied06 November 1705Ste-Famille, Ile d'Orleans,CANM-102
PARKER, Clara LouiseBorn29 April 1863Chicago, Cook, ILW-64
PASQUIER, IssacMarried30 June 1670Chateau-Richer, Quebec, CANM-102
PEAKE, Mary (Mason)DiedAfter 1823Delaware Co., NYA-02
PEAKE, RoswellDiedAfter 1823Delaware Co., NYA-02
PEPIN, AntoineMarried11 November 1659Quebec, CANM-102
POIRE, LaurentMarried26 November 1671Quebec, CANM-102
POULIN, ClaudeMarried08 August 1639FRANCEM-102
RACINE, EtienneMarried22 May 1638Quebec, CANM-102
ROBIN, MathurineDied17 April 1662Quebec, CANM-102
ROUSSIN, FrancoiseBorn1631Tourouvre, Perche, FRANCEM-102
ROWLAND, Sara Jane (Williams)Married03 July 1864Cincinati, Hamilton, OHF-30
ROWLAND, David Crockett (DResided)Born14 August 1843Litchfield Co., CTF-30
SALTER, GeorgeDied03 March 1890Malvern, Worcestershire, ENGM-102
SHELBY, Sarah "Sallie"BornJanuary 1864Barbour Co. ALP-60
SHERER, Samuel JamesBorn27 March 1861Aurora, Kane, ILW-64
SHREEVES, ElizabethBornca. 1808NY?W-64
SIMART, NoelMarried22 November 1661Chateau-Richer, Quebec, CANM-102
STEARNS, MaryMarried25 December 1895Lewis Co. WAR-61
STEARNS, Henry NobleBorn30 January 1818Alberta, CANADAR-61
STINSON, AndrewBornca. 1776VT or NYC-42
STINSON, RobertResided1780Bolton, Chittenden, VTC-42
SUFFICOOL, IsaacBorn1798Franklin Co. PAC-42*
SUFFICOOL, SamuelBorn1822Stark Co. OHC-42
TAYLOR, JohnBornMay 1851Wise Co. VAF-30
TAYLOR, Dicy (Hill)Died10 September 1879Union Grove, Meeker, MNF-30
TAYLOR, WilliamDied16 December 1894pos. Bristol, Kittitas, WAF-30
TAYLOR, WilliamBorn08 June 1800/10NCF-30
TERIEN, MargueriteBorn1643La-Rochelle, FRANCEM-102
TESTU, MarieDied11 September 1701Ste-Famille, I.O., Quebec, CANM-102
THOM, ChristianBornca. 1830Schleswig-Holstein, GERMANYA-02*
THOM, ChristianDiedca. 1900Sibley or Peoria, ILA-02*
THOMA, Anna MariaBorn03 July 1869Haale, Schlswig-Holstein, GERA-02
TILLEY, Henry HarrisonBorn09 June 1850Oskaloosa, Mahaska, IAR-61
TURNBULL, Wm.Born10 October 1810Northumberland, ENGLANDK-37
TURNBULL, Wm. RankinBorn23 March 1844Washington, Washington, PAK-37
TURVEY, Eben NormanBorn09 June 1852New Brunswick, CANADAR-61
VEHRS, WielkeBorn10 April 1835Schleswig-Holstein, GERMANYA-02
WAKELEE, Eddy HermanBorn05 July 1858Beaver Dams, Schuyler, NYW-64
WATERS, Alice ElizabethBorn26 July 1860OHF-30
WATERS, DavidBornca. 1840CANADAF-30
WEED, Adelaide AlmiraBorn19 February 1862Addison, Steuben, NYW-64
WHITAKER, ElizabethBornca. 1710Lebanon, New London, CTM-105
WINKLE, HenryBorn11 April 1811TNP-60
WIRKKALA, William MattBorn10 April 1871FINLANDR-61


See TPCGS Member's Submitter information in the table at the end of this page.

Ancestor Exchange - Autumn 1993, Volume 25, Issue 1 (old format)
NameEventDate of EventPlace of EventTPCGS Member No.
* See query
ABEL, Johan JacobBorn1720GERE-17
ANTHONY, JohnDied28 July 1675 Portsmouth, Newport, RIE-17
AUSTIN, StephenMarried16 November 1551Staplehurst, Kent, ENGE-17
AYERS, Jonathan AllenBornOctober 1847GAR-60
BARNEY, IsaacDied01 June 1824Taunton, Bristol, MAE-17
BARNEY, Jacob Capt.Born25 October 1743Taunton, Bristol, MAE-17
BARNEY, J onathanMarried08 May 1729Taunton, Bristol, MAE-17
BASSOCK, ElizabethBornca. 1527Staplehurst, Kent, ENGE-17
BERRY, ThaddeusMarriedFebruary 1665Chelsea, Suffolk, MAE-17
BIGELOW, Samuel Born28 October 1653Watertown, Middlesex, M AE-17
BIRD, JohnDied02 August 1732Dorchester, Norfolk, M AE-17
BREED, AllenDied17 March 1691Lynn, Essex, MAE-17
BRONSON, RogerBaptised15 September 1576Earls Colne, Essex, ENGE-17
CHRISTEN, Jacob Born31 December 1821Bern, SWITZR-60
FARLEY, FloraBorn30 July 1863La Cross, WIR-60*
GAYER, DorcasBorn29 August 1675Nantucket, Nantucket, M AE-17
GREEN, James LafayetteBorn1877ALR-60
HOLM, Christine SalvesenMarried08 March 1892Chicago, ILH-69
HOLM, TheodoreMarried08 March 1892Chicago, ILH-69
HUFF, AndrewBornJune 1862(Little Rock, AR?)R-60*
HUFF, AndrewDied18 April 1941Portland, ORR-60*
HUFF, Flora FarleyMarried?where?R-60
HUFF, Flora FarleyDied07 July 1935Walla Walla, WAR-60
JOY, MaryBorn17 September 1680Killingworth, Middlesex, CTE-17
KNIGHTS, CatherineBorn1756where?R-60
MILLARO, Fanny AgnesBorn1861b.WIR-60
PACZKOWSKI, WladyslawBorn02 February 1889Laskowka, POLAND GALICIAR-60
ROBERTS , Eben BornJuly 1854Black Earth, WIR-60
ROBERTS , EbenDied1910?MT?R-60
ROBERTS , GilesBorn1600? ENG/ME?R-60
ROBERTS , GilesBorn1756NYR-60
SEVERSEN, Barbara SalvesenDied1897Tacoma?, Pierce Co. WAH-69*
SEVERSEN ,Christian M.Married25 August 1893Chicago, ILH-69
SEVERSEN , FrankBorn1893-97Chicago, ILH-69*
SEVERSEN , FrankDied1900'sTacoma, Pierce Co., WAH-69*
SHELBY, Sarah "Sallie"BornJanuary 1864Barbour Co., ALR-60
SHELDON, GodfreyBorn1600?ENGR-60
WARD, Ichabod Capt.Born25 May 1743Killingworth, Middlesex, CTE-17
WILANSKI , JosefDied14 April 1915Harrah, OKR-60
WINKLE, HenryBorn11 April 1811TNR-60


Ancestor Exchange Submitters Information
TPCGS Member No.NameMailing AddressE-Mail Address
A-29 ALDRIDGE, Deleng "Dee" (Evans) 23 Marble Beach Road NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332
A-02 ALEXANDER, Maxine (Day) 10606 - 34th Avenue East, Tacoma, Washington 98446 MAlexan206@aol.com
B-57 BERTSCH, Josephine F. (O'Hare) 5104 South D Street, Tacoma, Washington 98408
C-42 CARPENTER, Maxine P.O. Box 514, Milton, Washington 98354-0514
D-46 DOUGLASS, Donna J. 3028 Thomas Road KPN, Gig Harbor, Washington 98329 djd@oz.net
E-09 EBERLE, Marian L. (O'Hare) 4037 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, Washington 98408
E-17 EGLY, Molly 4904 - 88th Ave.Court W, Tacoma , WA 98467
F-29 FISCHER, Jan C. 7040 South 12th Street #3911, Tacoma, Washington 98465-1760
F-30 FOGLE, Gretchen M. 1322 - 21st Street NW, Puyallup, Washington 98371-3801
F-31 FALVEY, Janice E. 87 Carter Lane, Plantsville, Connecticut 06479
H-69 HUBBARD, Lucille Fredericksen 10040 Stentson Drive, Pensacola , FL 32507
K-37 KEATING, Paul J. 1705 South 41st Street, Tacoma, Washington 98408-1610
M-101 MARTIN, Robert Doud 10520 Old Eagle Road, Eagle River, AK 99577-8040 rdmartin@alaska.net
M-86 MERZ, Kathy (Hanford) 1942 South Adams, Tacoma, Washington 98405-1003 KathinWA@aol.com
M-102 MULLEN, Donna (Salter) 5618 - 18th Street North West, Gig Harbor, Washington 98335 mullen@oz.net
M-105 MORSE, David L. 5113 North 30th Street, Tacoma, Washington 98407
N-26 NEWMAN, William F., II 9009 Newgrove SW, Tacoma, Washington 98498-2555 Billn@lakewoodpres.org
P-60 PENA, Dorothy "Gail" (Winkle) 2436 South West 326th Street, Federal Way, Washington 98023
P-59 PESCHEK, Julia (Bond) 3921 Alturus Street West, Tacoma, Washington 98466 apeschek@aol.com
R-61 REESE, Clara (Wirkkala) 4006 - 132nd Street East, Tacoma, Washington 98446-1938 cereese@ix.netcom.com
R-60 ROBERTS, Linda 511 South Sheridan, Tacoma, WA 98405 pazazz@gte.net
S-111 SMALL, Carolyn R. (Acker) 5116 Cromwell Drive NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
S-99 SORENSEN, Antoinette (Waughtel) 3631 North Mullen Street, Tacoma, WA 98407-4124 waughtel@oz.net
W-72 WAGNER, Carol N. (Totland) 6163 Co. Road D, Delta, OH 43515
W-64 WELCH, David J. 102 Chinook Lane, Steilacoom, Washington 98388


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